Is Russian Spam The Most Dangerous In The World? – Answer By Semalt

Julia Vashneva, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, is deeply concerned that Russian spam has currently become a significant problem and is one of the worst types of spam on the internet. The content and articles that are sent to your inbox range from the basic ads to the dangerous viruses that can cripple both the users and the ISP networks to a great extent. And it's safe to say that this will take up lots of valuable information, resources and time.

Why Russia?

Just like other countries, Russia has recently taken some significant steps towards preventing viral attacks and spam. Despite all those measures, users all over the world still receive spam emails originate from Russia. Thus, we can say that it may not be possible to filter out the emails by the whole. has unleashed some strategies to harm the email IDs of a large number of users. Why is it impossible to control them? The major reason is that the lack of DNS blacklisting. There is no set system to block the network spam, and even the filters cannot filter the Russian spam out due to the inadequate security measures.

The founder of Russian spam:

Vardan Kushnir is said to be behind the Russian spam. He was a famous software engineer who could progress in this field for long. Unfortunately, this man picked up a wrong road and filled the internet with destructive and malicious spam. After fighting his government for political reasons, Kushnir took another route and started using his own weapon – spam. He made the wise use of email campaigns and sold off shares of Sophim. The one thing that stopped this bad guy from succeeding was the state of Kansas that required proof of the transactions made. Also, this man is believed to be behind the Russian spam operations that were focusing on the political and social threats.

Some of his friends claim that Kunshir always wanted to become a successful software developer, just like Bill Gates. But he chose a different path and did not achieve any success. His boastful antics and lots of spam led him to spread fear in his own country, resulting in lots of crises and even murders.

Russian spam today:

Kunshir has left an ever-lasting impression on the spammers these days. Various Russian spam messages talk about the unique and innovative schemes. Some of them offer products and services at low prices, while the others are involved in faulty merchandise and online gambling. One of the primary and most prominent forms of spam is the advertisements of false Rolex watches.

While some users might not have heard about it because the messages they receive cannot be translated into English, the others are concerned about the future as their inboxes are filled with lots of spam emails. Here is how to hold off those emails that contain foreign languages:

1. You can create separate links for the stored email.

2. You should delete the emails that are trashed out, stored or are present in the folders.

3. You should transfer it to the trash folder and immediately delete it.

If you have been receiving lots of emails, you can limit their number and send the rest to the spam folder.